Best Bow

The elven archer had been a theme that had long been spinning through my head. Even though the costume design of woodelves had received it´s distinctive shape as early as 2002 I found many earlier approaches of "elf with bow and arrow" unsatisfying. The proportions had to be right and the action of aiming had to be reasonably accurate (and not only to my surprise due to my resources it is. The arrow actually is often shot on the opposite side of the bow!!!).
After long hours of searching for archery reference and sitting in the garden sketching, what was left was the small task to place this woodelf into a forest. It was by pure chance by looking for something completely different that some old pictures fell into my hand.
Sweden! Yes! I had been there twice! How could I have forgotten about the pictures I took on the wonderful shores and in the wild woods of Stora Le! Not only had I recovered shots that really were what I needed that very moment but also lots of pictures that would serve perfectly for many paintings to come. It is so much easier if you not only have good images as reference but also have actually been there, have felt texture of moss and rock, branches and the soft soil, to not only see but understand the layers of the type of forest you aim to create.