Abusing Hospitality
Thumpy the Portune
Temple at Dusk
Tower of Learning
The Dryw
Dusk of the Dragon
Guards of Mirkwood
Riders on the Marshes
Master Above the Lake
When Strings sing Autumn
Elven Harpist (2)
Elven Swan Gondola
Elven Harpist Hunting with the Great Hounds
They Tread from the Great Green
Footsteps of Spring
The Best Bow
Leisure of the Gardens
Goblin Raider
Goblin Raiders
Aid on the Fenns
Something to talk about ...
Three Peaks Fortified
Black Foe´s Residence
Awaiting Ælfwine
Beneath the Oaken Shield
Magnificent Guardian
Golden Harp Dwarven Guards 
The "Long-Lost Treasure Casatshok"
Abandoned Homestead After Treasure
By Fand´s Pool
The Check Mate Harvesting Maggots
Resonance of Joel