LARP Costumes

I started making costumes a long time ago. First I was happy to get hold of any peace of textile. But I came some way from the 16 year old boy who tried to recreate the outfits in movies and comic books. One of the oldest costumes is still in good shape and use. At this moment I am pretty much fed up with long hours playing amateur seemsterer and sticking to what I am good: drawing!

Elven Costumes

Fighter in leather armour and chieftain Thorgis

Mob the Mighty and Pum the troll

priests, scholars and noblemen

3 flemish bagpipes I built really came in handy for LARP. I must confess that due to the damage they had to suffer in the forests and fields there hardly good enough to shriek away a banshee by now! Reeds are fragile things!