Architectonic Concepts


Palazzo Vecchio


Piazza del Duomo


Ponte Vecchio



Via Calimala

Torre dei Mannellii




Concepts for the city on the Long Lake in J.R.R. Tolkien´s novel "The Hobbit"





Elven Caves

So far there are pretty few cocepts to be found on elven caves. In the works of J.R.R. Tolkien there are many examples of subterranean dwellings that have hardly ever been visualized


Beorn´s Homestead

Another setting of the "Hobbit" novel is the farm of the changeling Beorn. I always had problems with several previous concepts displaying an american-style farm. The interior illustration by Tolkien himself tends more to early north european longhouses and Beorn´s alter Ego - the bear - might be more suited with something more of a den.


Hall interior

Inspired by the golden hall of Meduseld after seeing Peter Jackson´s "Two Towers"



An illustration of the entrance to a fantasy castle.


About Inspiration ...

Forced perspective pencil render of one of the St. Ursanne City gates.